No Such Thing As Other People’s Children

Last night I rocked my baby to sleep. We sang the three songs we always sing:  Pass It On, Peace Like a River and Mr. Moon. In the end, I tucked her in and she said to me, “I love you most, I love you more, I love you forever.” And I said it right… Continue reading No Such Thing As Other People’s Children



I’m struggling a bit with my children growing up.  It’s a bit like watching Russian nesting dolls coming together from smallest to largest and not wanting to let go of the littler dolls as they’re enclosed in the larger and larger pieces.  Amidst all the current angst over tantrums and sister-brother rage, sharing and a… Continue reading Bittersweet

How to be a Successful Writer in 47 Easy Steps

All writers have their own process for writing. Some meditate, drink a specific type of tea, or require certain music in the background. Others choose to write in coffeeshops or in the park. Here, I will provide a small glimpse into my process this morning. I feel certain any aspiring writers out there will find it enlightening.

10 Things to Do:  2 Small Children in 1” of Snow

Stand at the window with noses pressed to the glass while wearing snow hats and pajamas. Bounce around impatiently while three flakes fall.  Scream when one flake sticks for five seconds.  Cry hysterically when it melts.  Repeat for one hour. Run in small circles while yelling, “I need my snow pants!” Scamper away laughing uproariously… Continue reading 10 Things to Do:  2 Small Children in 1” of Snow