Do Good

Together Rising  –

Started by Glennon Doyle Melton and the community she created on her website, Momastery, Together Rising “offers support and assistance to people who have no where else to turn. As we give and receive we become connected to one other– understanding that sometimes people just need a little bit of help during difficult seasons of life. One of the most beautiful things about Together Rising is the remarkable number of recipients who turn around and become givers, adding their gifts to [the]community so that others may rise as well.  Together Rising receives requests for help every day from individuals with needs great and small. Your donations go directly to help families in crisis. Often all people need is a little help…  gas money to get to the hospital, groceries to put food on the table, or shoes for kids who don’t stop growing during difficult times.” ~from the Together Rising website.

With Love

“With Love, is a not-for-profit, foster care resource providing for many of the physical needs that come with caring for children. Additionally, the goal is to promote an aura of dignity and honor to those who embrace local children in need of a family. It runs on volunteers and generosity. It is fueled by love.  Our goal is to support families willing to be part of the solution to foster families in the Portland-metro area. The items available for distribution are donated from families in the community who also want to honor and care for foster families. All financial donations go towards helping create a program that loves and supports our foster families. With Love, is here to walk along side foster families as they change lives.” ~from the With Love website.





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